Is Your Car Ready for Winter? Essential Tips from Certified Auto Repair

Winter can be a challenging season for your vehicle, even here on California’s Central Coast, with rain, frigid temperatures, snow, and ice — depending on where you live — posing various threats to its performance and safety. To ensure your car remains reliable and safe during the cold months, it’s essential to prepare it for […]

10 rainy weather car-care tips

We don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, but it can get rainy around California’s Central Coast as we recently experienced. We also saw that rain can cause havoc on our cars. So, the master San Luis Obispo mechanics at Certified Auto Repair in SLO have come up with a list of car-care tips for the […]

Car maintenance resolutions for the New Year

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for some resolutions! While most will involve eating better or exercising more, don’t forget to make a resolution to treat your car a little better. That’s right, a car maintenance resolution for 2023 can go a long way toward saving you money and keeping your vehicle […]

Winter car maintenance checklist

Days are shorter, nights are longer and the cold, rainy weather is finally here in California. While we may not get winters full of snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures, the colder weather and elements can have an effect on your vehicle. That’s why the master San Luis Obispo mechanics at Certified Auto Repair SLO have […]